Hi, I'm James and I run Crank Creative from my base in Lane Cove, Sydney. After discovering the magic of capturing still images at a young age, I've never been without a camera in hand. It has proved to be an enduring and insatiable love that I cannot shake - it has allowed me a medium through which to display the world through my eyes. An image is a moment of time portrayed in a way of my choosing, beautiful in a very specific way. 

I have worked in the media and arts industry for just over a decade now, initially starting in broadcast. With that foot in the door, I was able to combine imagery and my other undying passion, motorcycles. This allowed me to write and shoot both full time and freelance for various motorcycle publications. While I'm still working in that capacity, it didn't completely satiate me. I first picked up a camera to shoot people and to catch a very particular beauty. This is why I had to turn my attention back to that - people. No two people are exactly alike - every single time I pick up a camera to shoot someone new, I know it will be a challenge because every individual has their own nuances, quirks, personality, shape, style and confidence. Each image I create has to produce a visceral reaction and a certain awe. There is no such thing as an image for the sake of an image in my world. 

Shooting is my quiet time - it is a time where all other things fade away into obsolescence and I have the space in which to create something unimaginably beautiful.